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Brimington Methodist Church –  Mission Statement


We believe that we exist to worship and serve God. As a result of this we believe that:


1.     Our worship must focus on God and should be an experience of Jesus for all worshippers. We must be open to the Holy Spirit as He leads us in new ways and enables greater participation by worshippers.


2.     Members of the church fellowship must care for each other and there must be opportunities for all members to be nurtured in the faith.


3.     We must show care for the community who must see this through activities initiated by the whole church as well as through the lives of individual members.


4.     We must share the message of Jesus through events organised by the whole church as well as through individual members sharing their faith with others.


5.     We must take our part within God’s world and support those in need.


6.     We must engage in prayer as an integral part of our life and worship.




Brimington Methodist Church  -  Policy Statement


1.          a.  Our whole worship pattern will include a variety of worship styles

b.    The first Sunday morning of each month will normally be an All Age Service for   which there  will normally be a planning meeting

c.     The third Sunday morning of each month will be a service in which we actively encourage new  ideas and more people taking an active part in the leading of worship

d.    The music on the first and third Sunday mornings will normally be provided by the Worship Band and on other Sunday mornings by the organ.

     e.  Sunday evening services will normally be more traditional.

f.      There will be opportunities for exploring and implementing more contemporary ways of worship both within existing services as well as in other weekday activities.

g.     We will encourage preachers to work together with worship leaders and members of the congregation

h.     We will continue to investigate the ministry of healing and how best to implement it in our worship



2.          a. We will continue to care for our church family through our Pastoral Team

b.    Each member of the congregation will be encouraged to be part of a Fellowship/Bible Study group or take part in an activity other than Sunday worship in which their faith can be nurtured.

c.     We will nurture the young people among us in their Christian faith through various activities in the life of the church, including Sunday Club

d.    We will hold a Church Family Weekend each year.

e.     We will consider how best to celebrate the Christian festivals throughout the year in order that these may be special times of learning and experiencing Jesus.



3.         a.  We will continue to support and offer ‘Mother & Toddler’ groups and ‘Guides’

              & ‘Brownies’ groups to the  community.

b.    We will investigate other services we can offer to the community.

c.     We will encourage members as appropriate to take up positions of  responsibility in the community

d.    We will work together with other Christians in the community

e.     We will work in the community at Brimington Junior School, including provision for a Christian after-school club.



4.          a.  We will offer training opportunities to all our members on how to share faith   

               with  others

b.    We will have appropriate literature available in church to give to those who

     are seeking Jesus

c.     We will ‘leaflet’ friends and neighbours about special events, these leaflets

      will include a Christian message

d.    We will organise opportunities for Christians and others to meet socially.

e.     We will organise an event/services, the purpose of which will be to show and lead others to Jesus Christ.


5.          a.  We will support those in need overseas including those in the world wide

               Christian family.

b.    As a church and as individuals, we will continue to support those organisations we are already committed to, as well as seeking new opportunities.


6.          a.  We will continue to hold a Prayer Meeting before worship on Sunday   


b.    We will offer people an opportunity to come into church for early morning

     prayer on a weekly basis

c.     We will emphasise the importance of intercessory prayer by inviting people to

     write their requests in the Prayer Book

d.    We will help people in their private praying by offering them resources such

     as the church Prayer Diary, material prepared by the District and/or   

     Connexion etc.

e.     We will encourage people in a variety of ways to be committed to pray for

others  e.g. becoming part of the Prayer Chain

                   praying for a young person by name

                   praying for helpers and children involved in the after school club, Trailblazers, by name

f.      We will set up the glass room as a ‘Prayer Room’

g.     We will continue to look at different ways of encouraging people in both private and public prayer


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