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JTrail Blazers!J – What’s it all about??


Trail Blazers is an action packed, fun filled, after school club.  The Club takes place on Monday afternoons at Brimington Junior School; straight after the school day has finished.   (Usually 2nd half term of each full term) The school has been very encouraging and cooperative with this new venture!  

Trail Blazers is run by brave volunteers, who are members of Hall Rd Methodist Church, Brimington.   We all have experience working with children, and our aim is to share Jesus in an exciting, child friendly way. 

Invitation letters are distributed to a particular year group, which the children need to bring back to school as soon as possible in order to register a place, and receive a club pass.   We often have a waiting list, as demand is so high.  

Trail Blazer activities include: Team games, parachute games, video, craft, drama, The Trail Blazer’s Chant! & The Trail Blazer’s Prayer; (said as a whisper, then increases in volume!)

 In sad times, in bad times,

In worry and confusion –

Jesus is beside me.

In good times, in great times,

In joy and excitement –

Jesus is beside me.

Jesus is alive and here with me - Now!


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